Education & Fellowship

  • BS, Chemistry & Biochemistry - The University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts
  • Medical Degree - The University of Iowa College of Medicine
  • Internship - Northwestern University Medical Center
  • Neurology Residency - The New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center
  • Neurology Fellowship - Cornell University Medical Center

Honors & Awards

  • Member - Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society
  • Recipient - NIH-NINDS Clinical Investigator Development Award


  • Diplomate - American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry

Dr. Ravinder Tikoo, MD Neurology

Dr. Ravinder Tikoo is a board certified neurologist. After graduating with honors with a BS in Chemistry and Biochemistry from the University of Iowa, he continued his education there and received his medical degree in 1991. He completed an internship in general medicine at Northwestern University Medical Center, followed by a residency in neurology at the New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center. Dr. Tikoo then completed a fellowship in neurology, also at Cornell Medical Center.

Dr. Tikoo’s clinical interests include pain management and mood disorders, weight management in neurodegenerative disorders, IT in medical practice, and neuro-oncology. Dr. Tikoo has co-authored various medical papers, which are listed below.


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  • Kuljis RO, Tikoo RK, “Discontinuous distribution of senile plaques within striate cortex hypercolumns in Alzheimer’s disease,” Vision Res, 37(24):3573-91, 1997.
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